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Legacy 16x76-225FLPA

2 BED | 2.5 BATH - 1036 SQ FEET

Legacy S-1664-32C

3 BED | 2 BATH - 942 SQ FEET

Legacy S-1672-32B

3 BED | 2 BATH - 1068 SQ FEET

Legacy S-1672-32A

3 BED | 2 BATH - 1043 SQ FEET

Legacy 1676-32C

3 BED | 2 BATH - 1104 SQ FEET

Legacy 1680-32FLP

3 BED | 2 BATH - 1191 SQ FEET

Legacy 1680-32H

3 BED | 2 BATH - 1193 SQ FEET

Legacy 1680-32Q

3 BED | 2 BATH - 1193 SQ FEET

SEhomes Lombardi

3 BED | 2 BATH - 1250 SQ FEET

Legacy 3248-32B

3 BED | 2 BATH - 1354 SQ FEET

Clayton Patriot 28x56

3 BED | 2 BATH - 1475 SQ FEET

Legacy 3256-32E

3 BED | 2 BATH - 1600 SQ FEET

Legacy 3256-32K

3 BED | 2 BATH - 1600 SQ FEET

Legacy 3264-32BP

3 BED | 2 BATH - 1600 SQ FEET

Legacy S-1684-42A

4 BED | 2 BATH - 1226 SQ FEET

Legacy 3680-43B

4 BED | 3.5 BATH - 2660 SQ FEET

  • Lowest Cost Home to Own on the Market

    Built assembly-line style in an indoor US factory, a manufactured home, or as we like to call them in Texas, mobile homes, have become America's most affordable way to become a home owner.

    The cost savings per sq foot is huge when compared to a site-built home. We look at it as more bang for your buck. Some people call it smart living. At New Start Homes, we are helping people achieve the American dream.

  • The Best Value Homes in America

    At just $50-60 per square foot, factory-built homes offer a significant value when compared to more traditional site-built homes which range from $80-150 per sq foot for similar floorplans.

    Americans work hard for their money and buying a factory-built home just makes sense. Why pay more when you can have more for less!

  • Quality Construction by Hard-Working Americans

    American made at every step! Our homes are built right here in Texas by professional home builders that build up to 8 homes each and every day.

    With quality control at every step on the assembly line as well as quality assurance specialists overseeing the construction, home quality is maximized to deliver a great product to the consumer.

  • Home Upgrades Galore!

    Buying a site-built home, you get what you get! Not so with a Factory-Built home at New Start Homes! We offer tons of home upgrades.

    We offer hundreds of different color selections, exterior and interior upgrades, appliance packages, and floorplan modifications. You can customize your new home to your liking and still be affordable.

    Come to our sales center and see the upgrades yourself! You will be amazed at how much a manufactured home has changed and been modernized.

  • Our Service Team is the best in the industry!

    Upon moving in your new home, often times things break or don't go as planned. Buying a home with New Start should give you the ultimate peace of mind as we service every home we sell.

    Our in-house service team is dedicated to repairing your new home and getting everything just right. Not having to wait on factory techs from the factory 500 miles away to come repair your home or give you hassles. You deal directly with us!

  • Our Word is our Bond

    We strive to ensure every customer of New Start Homes is taken care of, especially post-sale.

    We have been in the manufactured homes industry for decades and know how to best take care of our customers. When we say we are gonna do it, we do it. Hundreds of customers in the El Paso County area and Eastern New Mexico can vouch for this, we guarantee it.